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Angle Grinder Extension Connecting Rod

For the   local services  that cannot be thrown away by the edge of the angle grinder or the polishing machine, install the extension rod, and the   grinding and polishing can be done in one step.

      Great for small areas

By using an extended shaft, additional clearance can be provided to  safely polish these areas  without the risk of hitting/damaging the paint.

  Seamless docking

Precise thread for  stable installation.       Smooth grinding, not loose.

   Easy installation

Notched for easy removal with a wrench, fits Model   100 Angle Grinders/Polishers.

      Super extension

The rotating extension shaft is designed with details and  durable quality.

  Widely used

The rotating extension shaft can be used for grinding and polishing  deep stones such as inside corners and special shapes.

  • Material: high quality 45# steel
  • Color: silver
  • Length:    80mm



  • 1 x Angle Grinder Extension Rod