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Carbon Car Door Sills Stickers


Designed to keep scratching at bay. It has a decent amount of traction and versatility. It also masks current scratches on the front and
rear doors when loading and unloading.

Get your car more appealing by improving its style.

The door sill guard is made of a waterproof, high-temperature resistant vinyl film with a carbon fiber texture feature. We discovered that it did not melt or break after many experiments in high temperatures and on rainy days.

We strive for excellence!

Can be used in any vehicle. You are free to cut it if you feel it is too long.
It's also lightweight and elastic which can be shaped with heat guns or household hair dryers.

To begin, wipe the target surface clean to clear any dust or grease, then remove the protective film from the strong tape and paste it in the proper location, then peel and paste, and finally press firmly using the plastic scraper that comes with the product.

• Carbon car door sills stickers 1 set (4PCS)
• Plastic scraper (1PC)