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Easy Hinge Repair Plate


Quick and easy fix for damaged hinges!


Get the  Easy Hinge Repair Plate  for the perfect fix for worn-out hinges! It   reinforces broken hinges and surrounding damaged areas , giving it a  sleek new look   with  increased durability .



 A  cost-saving solution , it  saves you from replacing damaged hinges and doors . Made from  premium stainless steel   that’s  rust- and corrosion-proof .



  • Perfect Hinge Repair  - Hides and reinforces broken or rusted hinges and the surrounding damaged areas.
  • Sleek Look  - Covers up damages with a clean and sleek stainless steel plate.
  • Screws Included  - Comes complete with stainless steel screws so you can do repairs immediately.
  • Cost-Saving  - Saves you from replacing damaged hinges and doors.
  • Durably Made  - Uses premium quality stainless steel that’s rust- and corrosion-proof.
  • Widely Compatible  - Compatible with all standard and soft-closing hinges.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 10 cm x 9 cm x 1.5 mm

Product Includes

  • 1 x Easy Hinge Repair Plate + 6 x Screws
  • 2 x  Easy Hinge Repair Plate + 12 x Screws