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Magnetic Anti Slip Drill Bit 7pcs


Have damaged screws? Say goodbye to frustration.

Our Magnetic Anti-Slip Drill Bit features an anti slip function that prevents stripped screws from slipping, while its strong magnetic head ensures fast installation on screwdrivers. 

This tool combines the functions of a screw extractor and a magnetic screwdriver bit. It can easily take out damaged screws or quickly grasp and drive screws in.

Made of S2 Alloy Steel, has magnetism and skid resistance, screws can be firmly fixed on screwdrivers.

Anti Slip Screw Extractor 

Striped Head has anti slip function. It can remove all common sizes of damaged or peeled screws.

Strong Magnetic Head

Our screwdriver bits has strong magnetism, it can catch the screw easily and quickly, and fix it to prevent the drill bit from slipping and improve the work efficiency.

Easy To Carry

Light weight, small size and compact design. You can take it with you and use it for home, telecommunications, car or mechanical maintenance work.

Wide Compatibility

Suitable for general sizes and all kinds of broken bits. Universal chuck that suitable for most electric hand drills. Remove broken screws or drill holes in one step.

Package includes:

  • 1*7 Pcs Anti Slip Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set