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MetalPro Metal Repair Gel

Repair Cracked or Damaged Metals Back to Perfection!

 Get the professional repair job done right at home  with this   MetalPro™ Metal Repair Gel.

You can   fix any broken metal or machine parts  without having to go for expensive and time-consuming welding processes.

Instant Metal Repair:  Instantly provides tough and long-lasting bonding and repairs to all metal surfaces

Superb Bond Strength:  Locks the metals into place and tightly holds heavy objects.

High-temperature Resistance:  Withstands temperatures up to 150°C. Provides uniform bond line thickness.

Water & Corrosion Resistance:  Resistant to water, petroleum, chemical and acid.

Easy Mix & Apply:  Simply mix A and B formula on 1:1 ratio. Apply on the damaged surface and let it cure. Done!

Widely Applicable:   Can be used on all metal surfaces, such as steel, aluminum, iron, etc. 


  • Net Content: 65g/set


  • 1 x MetalPro™ Metal Repair Gel