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Multifunctional Geometric Ruler


An all-in-one ruler that helps to get your work done quickly yet accurately without the need for various drafting tools!


It is designed with   14 geometric figures which allow you to   effortlessly draw  arcs, patterns, curves, lines, or even do measurements!  Ideal for   artists, designers, architects, students, teachers, and so on.



The geometric ruler provides   smooth, even cuts  so you can work with it  without hurting your hands or ruining the paper.



Create various shapes and designs using only this versatile geometric ruler!

Multifunctional Drafting Tool

A versatile drafting tool that allows you to draw fascinating patterns such as   circles, arcs, curves, lines,  and so on!



Various Geometric Figures

An all-in-one ruler that provides 14 geometric figures of different sizes and shapes! Including   protractor scale, spool, function drawing slot, X spool, circle hole, polygonal hole, circle, parallelogram,  and more.



Portable Tool

Its lightweight and portable design make it easier to carry and store. Ideal for daily use whether you're in school, work, library, coffee shop, and more.



  • Material: Plastic


  • 1 x Multifunctional Geometric Ruler