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Nylon Storage Velcro Strap


No More Tangled Wires and Compressor Hoses!

 A good cord organizer does a lot of things.

With our Nylon Storage Velcro Strap! Mainly, it keeps the cords from becoming a jumbled mess and keeps your garage get organized.

Great Solution for Storage and Organization: Use it for storage and organization in the garage, house, yard, storage shed, workshop, car, boat or RV. Get organized and stay organized!

Quality Material: Made of super durable and weather resistant polypropylene. Heavy-duty hook and loop can hold up to 50lbs/22kgs! 

Endless Uses: Organize, hang, and store indoor or outdoor extension cords, large appliance cords, generator cords, electric cords; corded tools; jumper cables, cables and so much more!


  • Material:Nylon
  • Size (in):  1.0*3.9 (S); 1.5*4.7 (M); 2.0*6.3 (L)


1 *  Nylon Storage Velcro Strap