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Headphones So Cozy, You Can Wear Them To Sleep!

Introducing SleepBand, an asleep band that combines wireless high-quality sound with comfort and convenience in order to ensure the deepest and most comfortable sleep anywhere, anytime using built-in headphones.

Enhance Your Sleeping Experience With Music

The SnoozeBand™ is crafted using ultra-soft breathable cotton and thin hi-fi noise-canceling speakers for unmatched comfort and immersive audio experience.

No More Painful Earphones or Earbuds

Wear the SnoozeBand™ and easily block out any annoyances like snoring, tv/phones, neighbors, and roommates. 

You can easily charge the SnoozeBand™ via micro USB and play up to 10 hours of audio in one go. 



  • 1 x SleepBand