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Unbreakable Wooden Man Magic Toy

It's Time for Some Magic!

Add spice to your entertainment and become a great magician with our Unbreakable Wooden Man Magic Toy!

It's a magic Japanese toy that  jumps to avoid the hammer  and even if you managed to knock it down, it  reassembles itself!

  Better to keep a 1.5 meters distance from your audience , since there is a very thin black thread let in the middle of the toy. Wear black clothes when performing for better performance. 

QUICK ENTERTAINMENT: the toy being unbreakable will make you want to play with it all over again or do some tricks you can think of. 

IDEAL FOR PARTY TRICKS: Can be used for entertaining kids at the party, or on a kids gathering or simply having a leisure time with your kids or siblings. 

PORTABLE: small and compact in size makes it easy to fit in a pocket or purse, and can be bought and use anywhere and anytime. 


  • Materials :Wood
  • Size :14*4.5*4.5cm
  • Weight :60g


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